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Tyres filled with nitrogen last longer, are safer and more eco-friendly. In the near future, every driver will have nitrogen inflated tyres. Parker has developed two tyre inflator tools; TyreSaver 3.0 and the TruckTyreSaver.

TyreSaver 3.0

TyreSaver 3.0A revolutionary design and engineering project has led to a truly unique nitrogen tyre inflation tool. This tool can be used to inflate car, motorcycle, trailer, van and bicycle tyres. Parker has developed the innovative TyreSaver 3.0; a robust, lightweight, mobile, nitrogen tyre inflator for the automotive industry, with low investment costs and an undeniably high sales potential and profit margin.
This workshop tool can be connected to a compressor and automatically generates nitrogen from compressed air: simple and, above all, inexpensive. This means that your investment will pay for itself in no time at all. The TyreSaver is fitted with an exchangeable membrane cartridge that will operate for thousands of tyre inflations. The patent is pending. Click, fill, and earn money!


TruckTyreSaverThe compact designed TruckTyreSaver can fill up to 35 super single tyres per hour. There is no extra filling time compared to compressed air. Installation is very easy. While not in operation there is no air-loss, thus saving energy use of your compressor. The generator can be connected directly to the filling piston or storage vessel. It includes a high quality compressed air filtration train resulting in minimum maintenance. This inflator tool can be used for bigger tyres, for example, trucks, busses and big vans.